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  • Centre for learning and heeling

  • Centre for learning and heeling

Centre for learning and heeling

“My hand is the Lord, holds all healing secrets, which make whole with its gentle touch.”

'Kalari Chikilsa' (Kalari Treatment) has its roots in the traditional Ayurveda and the Sidhaveda systems practiced in South India. These systems are a complete naturalistic healing system to rejuvenate the body by eliminating toxic imbalances to restore resistance and good health in the highly stressfull environment of modern times.

Rejuvenate yourself

Buddha Kalari is truly a unique place. It is the only place that you will find a martial art, healing system and a spiritual tradition that are part of one cohesive system. Infact, these three aspects - martial, medical and spiritual, all overlap and support each other. Some people may visit for healing, while other may visit for martial arts, and others may be seeking a sanctuary in which they can experience peace. Some visitors may even experience all three.

Preservation of tradition

What really makes Buddha Kalari different is the emphasis on tradition. The things, that are experienced here cannot be learned from books, by seeing photos or by watching videos. All the oils used in the treatment at our Kalari are organic and hand-made on site under the direct supervision of the master. The medicine we use in the treatments is hand-made in our Kalari Ashram, made according to the recipes which are thousands of years old. These are contained in ancient palm leaf documents, passed down to Dr. C.S. Suchith from his ancestors and teachers. We see that it is our duty to preserve the traditions of the past for the benifit of future generations.

Treatment for Back pain

We are proud to announce that we have completely cured a number of patients suffering from severe back pain. Most of them approached us after undergoing many other systems of treatment for years. The useful period of treatment is around 21 days and the progress is visible even from the third day.

Marma Treatment

Marma Treatment is a science of life in its entirety, primarily focussing on leading a healthy life. The definition of health according to this method of treatment encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual planes of life. The Marma treatment identifies the vital points (marmas ) in the body for suitable pressing and nudging to correct the muscular and neurological problems.

Kalari massage

Both styles of massage Kai Uzhichil (massage with hands) and Chavitti Uzhichil (massage with foot) are practiced. We follow the very traditional way of massage techniques, viz Neduvari, Kuruvari,Villuvattom, Kon, Paad, Kuttadakkam. The massage restores energy, reduces stress and strain, relieves body aches, improves complexion and skin texture and gives a healthy and euphoric feeling. The chronic illness due to back pain, spondylosis, rheumatism, arthritis etc can be relieved to a great extent with this treatment.

Kizhi, Dhara & Pizhichil

Kizhi, a cloth pouch filled with medicine, heated in boiled oil is applied on the body. Kizhi is useful in removing swells and for the treatment of rheumatism, back pain etc.

Dhara is a method of treatment by pouring warm medicated oil on different parts of the body and head using a particular equipment.

Dhara is divided into three -

1.Moordhania Dhara (Dhara on head)
2.Sarvanga Dhara (On the whole body)
3.Ekanga Dhara (On any particular part of body)

Pizhichil is similar to Dhara, but no equipment is used, it is done by hand.

People who are interested in Kalari Chikilsa (Marma Therapy) should contact us via e-mail or phone. Please visit our website www.kalarimarma.com.