• Welcome to God's own country

  • Welcome to God's own country

  • Welcome to God's own country

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Buddha Kalari, an academy of Marma and Kalaripayattu is on a mission to spread the ancient knowledge of KalariMarma based on Ayurveda around the world. By founding the Marma Academy and by offering a wide range of courses to interested students of Ayurveda and other science streams, we believe that we have reached another milestone in our mission.

Courses overview

  • Course Code : BK 01 ( Basic Marma Course:5 day course )
  • Course Code : BK 02 (Marma Massage Course:7 day course)
  • Course Code : BK 03(Foot Massage Course: 10 day course)
  • Course Code : BK 04(Basic Kalaripayattu:7 day course )
  • Course Code : BK 05(Advanced Kalaripayattu: 14 day course)
Basic Marma Course

Marma Course consists of an introduction to Ayurveda, Kalaripayattu, Kalari Marma points and names, precautions while performing Marma massage, Theory and practice of head massage, shoulders, upper limb, lower limb, abdomen & chest, left whole and right side whole, back lower, face etc.

Marma Massage Course

Marma Massage is widely practiced in Kalari. This programme contains an introduction to Ayurveda, 108 Kalari Marma points, practical aspects of Kai Uzhichil (Massage with hands), complete body massage techniques and treatments, preparation of oils etc.

Foot Massage Course

Foot massage is also similar to Marma Massage, here instead of hand whole massage is performed with the feet. It takes some time to master this kind of massage and is very good for improving body flexibility, health maintenance and body rejuvenation. It also protects and revitalizes the marmas, the vital energy points in the body. This programme contains an introduction to Ayurveda, theory and practical of 108 Kalari Marma points, practical aspects of Chavitti Uzhichil (massage with feet), entire body massage techniques and treatment sides, preparation of oils, kizhi etc.

Basic Kalaripayattu

Basic steps of Kalaripayattu, fighting techniques with bare hands, locks, Cheruvati, Neduvati, dagger fight etc.

Advanced Kalaripayattu

Basic steps of Kalaripayattu, fighting techniques with bare hands, locks, cheruvati,neduvati, dagger, sword & shield, sword & sword, urumi etc.

Treatment Packages

3 day Relaxation Package

This course is designed as an introduction to Kalari Chikilsa. Three hand massages will be given. The whole body is massaged using herbal oil and medicinal powders. This is a very effective treatment for fatigue and mental stress.

7 day Rejuvenation Package

The course comprises a minimum of seven treatments. The aim is to identify and address major blockages in the marma system in order to restore the flow of energy in the body. This has effect of boosting the healing capacities of the body. Relaxation and rejuvenation can be expected in a grerater level. It helps to eliminate toxins, keep one disease free and in a state of positive health.

14 day Marma Massage

A minimum of fourteen treatments. The 14 day Marma package is very effective for spine treatment. We are proud to announce that we have completely cured a number of patients suffering from severe back pain. Most of them approached us after undergoing many other systems of treatment for years. Both styles of massage Kai Uzhichal (massage with hands) and Chavitti Uzhichil (massage with foot) are used in this package. Kizhi, a cloth pouch filled with medicine, heated in boiled oil is applied on the body. Increased vitality, rejuvenation and a general sense of well being are to be expected.

21 day Kalari Marma Foot Massage

A minimum of twenty one treatments. This course of treatment is designed for maximum effect and benifit for the patient. We follow the very traditional way of massage techniques,viz Neduvari,Karuvari,Villuvattom, Kon,Paad and Koottadakkam in this package. The full range of treatments (Kizhi, Dhara, Pizhichil etc) will be available according to the individual needs of the patient. It restores positive energy, reduces stress and strain, relieves body aches, improves complexion and skin texture and gives a healthy and euphoric feeling.